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Build a Responsive Organization for a Dynamic World

A totally new way to strategize and organize, Meddo transparently aligns everyone and all their effort to one shared purpose.

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Whether you're a CEO or an Intern, meddo provides a complete picture of strategy & execution in real-time.


Today things change often and quickly. Powered with real time insight, meddo enables your teams to adapt and communicate change on the fly.


However you're structured - top down, or bottom up - enable people to organize around the work that matters most.


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See the entire organization at a glance

Strategy, work, and people.

Everything that matters all in one shared place. Empower the entire team to see the big picture, the strategic plan, and the impact of their contribution. 

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Powerful insight to transform decision-making

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Say farewell to silos

Enable anyone, at any level, in any department, to understand what's going on, and how it impacts them.

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Visibility for all

Empower teams to make better, faster decisions by sharing strategic context

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Everyone on the same page

Rapid alignment without spreadsheets and endless meetings.

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Startup speed at enterprise scale

Tap into the innovative potential of a startup at scale.
Who said growth had to slow you down?


Real Time Visibility

Get the critical insight you need to make better, faster decisions.

Optimize for Velocity

Spend less time planning, forecasting, and predicting, and more time doing.

Un-leash your teams

Empowered and informed teams accomplish incredible things.

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Organize around what matters

The Org Chart is Dead. Rapidly align the entire organization around the most critical strategic objectives instead of stale reporting hierarchy.

How do we do this?

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Organize around work

Empower your organization to leave bureaucracy behind.

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The right people working on the right things

No more guesswork.

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Alignment UI 3

Work that engages and inspires

Provide your people the freedom to contribute to the work that ignites their passion. 

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